Brussels 2008

12 November 2008


Present: Ravinder Kaur Nijjar, Yolande Iliano, Dietlinde Kaufman, Nadine Iarchy, Brigitte Chevalier, Martina Heinrichs, Katerina Karkala-Zorba, Iric Maci, Julia Maria Koszewska,
In attendance: Ecaterina Evangelescu, Valbona Duri, Hanife Qehajaj

Yolande Iliano welcomed those present and the women introduced themselves.

The up-coming launch event details were finalised.

The next steps for EWFN were discussed and are as follows;

• Leaflet about RFP EWFN to be prepared
• A website address to be obtained
1. it was agreed that the following two were preferred if available or

• Business cards for Committee members to be prepared
• Funding to be sought
• National Women of Faith networks now need to be formed across Europe
1. important that these networks link in to what is already existing in the respective countries
• Mapping of religious women’s organisations towards the building of the RFP EWFN
• RFP, EWFN needs to have a way of monitoring these growing women of faith networks (and evaluating their progress)
• Administrative support for the Co-chairs is becoming essential
• It was agreed to modify the vision statement and add the words spiritual values

We the Religions for Peace European Women of Faith Network commit ourselves in a spirit of friendship to work together to promote spiritual values, social justice and peace for an inclusive Europe.

• Collaborate with the Religions for Peace Europe Governing Board and the European Council of Religious Leaders

Further ideas discussed:

2010 is the year of the family, EWFN might be able to highlight this and undertake some project work across Europe.

In order to secure funding concrete projects are required.

The European Citizen’s Forum was highlighted as a possible source of funding for the future. An example of a cross-Europe focus could be on ‘Faith and the Environment’ (perhaps translation of SIFC ‘Sacred Earth Booklet into European languages and then promoted by RfPEWFN).

Need for training of women in the following: leadership, gender equality and rights of women. Media training for religions is currently being offered by a European Christian Youth organisation.

World Council of Churches might be source of funding for neighbouring country projects.

In some European Countries they have had a day that focuses on different faiths; eg a day on Judaism, a day on Islam etc.

Ecumenical week was also highlighted as a possible focus for some project work.

RfP EWFN could offer assistance to the newly developed European Interfaith Youth Network.

Youth network in process of establishing itself and looking for funding to employ a worker to take it forward.

The Black Sea project was highlighted (Romania) and it might be possible to hold a future RFP, EWFN meeting at the same time as this project (October 2009).

It is important for the members of RfP EWFN to keep Ravinder and Yolande informed of what is going on in their respective countries so that they can disseminate good practice.

Annual RfP EWFN walk for peace and against poverty.
Link our action plan to the Global Women of Faith Action Plan

Also try to link in with the UN Decade of Inter-religious dialogue and cooperation for peace (Check)

In Albania we are planning to have an Interfaith Week (similar to what has been operating in Scotland for the last 6 years)

Some projects could be with smaller groups of European countries that are close together.

Proposed forward planning/meetings

It is useful as a strategy to link our RfP EWFN meetings with already planned Religions for Peace European meetings, for example,

April 2009: proposed ECLR meeting in Lille (France)
October 2009: Romania Black Sea Project
April 2010; Albania?
October 2010; ECLR/EWFN meeting in European Parliament

Meeting in the Babykot: a space for encounter for parents and children from 0-3 years

Walking down the street