..In early 2010, in cooperation with Albanian Forum for the Alliance of Civilizations we organized the conference" ..Women and Religion" - in Tirana,

In early on February was an event with the theme “ Women and Religion”, this activity was done by women in faith in collaboration with the cultural association “ AFALC” .During this activity were discussed various topics and questions as: What represents women in the religious view? What is the role and the position of women in our society according to the principles of the religions? How has affected and affects the spirit of the modern world in the religious approach to female? How is the role of religious institutions in the promotion of women in faith not only in their community but in all society? The first topic was discussed by Ms. Estela Dajlani (representative of the Catholic Church), she focused on the treatment of women with the viewpoint of the Catholic Biblical "Women and Christianity", and the second of theme was discussed by Ms. Sonila Dedja (Orthodox Community) where she discussed | The role of religious women in our society and the challenges that it faces " . Another theme was discussed by Ms. Iris Maci (Gjinishi) (Muslim Community) "Women, role, position and her rights in Islam".And finally, the activity closed by speech of Ms.Valbona Duri ( lawyer and expert of the EC), which talked about the important and the irrefutable role of religious women in our society, about the various activities these women make and their contributions of daily in general, that they provide.

..Then, in May 15, the International Day of Family in collaboration with catholic women we organized the ..conference " ..The Familly and the Integration" in Lezha city.,
..It was another activity, that was organized in November 29-" International day of women's rights" , again ..with catholic community, by topic : " Violence and the women's rights from the viewpoint religious" - in ..Tirana.



15.05.2009.:conference with the theme "Family, society and integration".
This conference was supported by women of other religious communities such as Orthodox, Catholic and bektashiane.
A great support and for this organization has given by Ms.. Valbona Duri (lawyer), which is gives us a lot of great support in this meeting.


"The family, society, integration”- the conference of representative religious beliefs in Albania, gathered in the premises Hotel Tirana International representatives religious beliefs, civil society, politicians, academics, diplomats, etc..

Activity was organized in the framework of the day that the Family, launched to the values of faith and family in society as necessary to its integrity

In his Ms Valbona Duri-curator of the conference, Mrs. Iris Maçi (Muslim community), Mrs. Erenestina Halili (Catholic community), Mrs. Suela Dedja (Orthodox community), and Mrs.. Kimete Zeqja (bektashian community) as representative of the respective religious communities, the emphasis was that without a family unit, with moral, educational, where cultivated respect, justice, altruism, for others the same otherwise. "

Also, were discussions from different the other invitees who were present in this conference, and we all agree to such other organizations related to the individual, society and integration.

25.06.2008 Conference in Tirane: " The Muslim woman against global challengers".
in cooperation with Bectashian Community and Iranian Embassy.

The themes were all about the women like " The role of the women in the children's education", The women symbol of the maturity and balances" " The muslim women in front of the global challenges"

In the conference were a lot of guests, from other communities (catholic and orthodox) and from the high level in the University of Tirane , from the government etc...

Two women stakeholders to mention:

Ma. Valbona Duri - President The Institute of European Policies for Regional Development (IPER) - Orthodox faith

Ma. Albana Muja -Specialist de la langue et de la civilisation francaise - Muslim community,